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Воскресенье, 25.02.2018, 00:51

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Freedom for flies!
Flies are another type of species just like we are. So, how can we be so cruel to them and disregard their pain and sufferings? When I watch how a fly tries to escape the sticky trap, I wonder why don't I hear its pain, why don't we care about them? If it was a dog or a cat then we probably would. Does the size matter? The lesser the size of the species, the more cruel we become. Or may be, the more unintelligent and uncivilized the species are, the less we care about them. Well, then we cannot blame the ETs who make experiments on us if they really do. Is there a logic in this? Perhaps, we care about others as long as they are useful to us. Why do I even started this topic? Am I trying to be reasonable, rational in everything? Why do I even have to be rational? Can't I just stop thinking, trying to find logic and good morals in everything? Well, I guess, that is the thinking human's way. Ok, I am one of those people, who always question everything, the meaning of life and so on. Another question comes into my mind. What is the point of questioning, reasoning, trying to understand everything? Is it growing, is it what evolution is? Does knowledge mean freedom? The more I think, the more new questions I ask. Is there an end? Yep, another one. Trying to answer my own questions. Ah, fck em! I am going to sleep.
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